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Installing Amazon Prime Video in Canada

Amazon has been offering Canadian customers access to their Prime Video service since the end of 2016. It's only $79 CAD per year to become a Prime Member and there is a 30 day trial available as well.

Configuring your devices to use this new streaming video service can be a bit challenging for Canadian customers as not all of the consoles and streaming media players make it as easy as we would hope. Over time I'm sure Amazon will start to deploy a proper Canadian version of their apps in all of the digital storefronts but until then we'll just need to be creative.
PC's and LaptopsOpen your browser and go to the website https://www.primevideo.comBookmark this site for future easy access.Login with your Amazon user account and password. Cellphones and Tablets Download the Amazon Prime Video app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.Login with your Amazon user account and password. Nvidia ShieldIn the Settings change your Country location to the USA and reboot.Do…

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