Saturday, April 14, 2012

Custom Ham Plates

Sample Plate from the ICBC Website
I finally went and got the truck and Unimog insured for the summer this morning. I've been waiting to put their annual six month insurance package on for a while now that the snows all gone.

The Province of BC offers no-charge custom license plates to ham operators but the vehicle you want them on must be insured at the time of application. Since I originally wanted these plates for the Unimog I needed to hang on and apply after the insurance was renewed for another April-October cycle. After some suggestions from the insurance broker I've decided to put the ham plates on the truck instead, and I'm going to apply for collector plates for the Unimog since it's almost 49 years old this year.

Anyhow within a few hours of getting the insurance renewed the truck made it's first trip to the landfill, got a fresh tank of gas, and then I was back at the insurance office with the completed ham plates application.

Fingers crossed I should have VA7AEJ plates for the truck within a month.

For more information on the ICBC Ham Radio Plates program please check out this link.