Saturday, May 19, 2012

A little work, a lot of driving, and a new hound

It's the May long weekend and while many are camping for the first time this year, or heading to the cabin to open it up for the season, I have completely different plans.

Today (Sat) I'm heading into work to install some great new Cisco gear in building. This is the last step to get rid of 10 year old 3COM switches and replace them with Cisco. After today everything will be gigabit, and everything will be Cisco. This afternoon it's time for a little Diablo III and programming a mobile radio for use on Sunday and Monday.

Tomorrow bright and early I'll pickup Dave in Vernon and we're making a road trip to Calgary to pickup Buckets! He is a 10 year old neutered male Basset Hound from the Calgary Basset Rescue Group (great organization, great people, doing great things!).

We are staying overnight in Calgary, getting to know buckets, and then Monday morning bright and early it's back in the car for a drive home to the beautiful Okanagan.

The rest of the family is staying home, I"ll miss the Sunday morning NORAC Net, and I'll miss the NORAC members parade marshaling at the Falkland Rodeo, but I'll have a new family member, an awesome new dog!