Saturday, January 10, 2009

AJ's daily Twitter updates.

  • 08:13 Playing with Molly's XO Laptop, she gets up too early on Saturdays
  • 08:20 We bought two new 42"HDTV's last night. One LCD and one Plasma. I get to play this weekend hooking them up.
  • 08:24 The TV's are new to us, but actually refurbished/repaired used units. I've now bought 6 from same guy in the last 18 months. Great Deals!
  • 16:59 Well it's done, both new TV's are working and everyone is happy with the upgrade. Kelly got back onto Wii Fit now that she has a larger TV.
  • 17:01 Saturday night is Movie Night at the Jensen household. Jill has picked the new Dr. Doolittle movie for tonight. Yippee.
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