Friday, June 12, 2009

Kelly goes for a PICC Line Today

Kelly's infection from her recent surgery is not going away. Today our GP and her surgeon decided to escalate the treatment with the insertion of a PICC Line.

Some of you are aware this is the treatment that Pat her dad had when his knee infection got out of control a few years ago. He was on the PICC Line for months and it was not a fun experience for him or Darlene.

Essentially a PICC Line is a catheter inserted into your arm and fed through a large vein to a location near your heart. It's then sutured in place and bandaged so it won't move or come loose. Then you get a very stylish fanny pack that contains a battery operated pump and an IV bag.

In Kelly's case the IV bag will contain an even stronger antibiotic that will now be fed directly into her blood stream and not a pill that needs to be injested and absorbed.

It's a bit scary that it's gone this far, but it reassuring that the Doctors are united on the decision and treating it more seriously than over the last 4-5 weeks.

I'm heading up to the hospital with her in about 30 minutes for the insertion and training.

On a happy note Molly and her nana Darlene left for Calgary today. They are visiting Karon and family until the middle of next week. Darlene had a bit of excitement at the airport early this morning when she discovered that her 8:30 flight was scheduled for PM and not AM. WestJet was nice and moved her onto a mid morning flight (no charge) and they should be landing in Calgary around noon.

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