Sunday, September 20, 2009

If I had a Tractor...

Ok, call me crazy, but today I bought a tractor. Not a lawn tractor, I'm talking a real honest-to-goodness 1944 Ford 9N tractor.

Dad and I went and looked at it one last time and I bought it. At a whooping 9 mph I drove it home and enjoyed the sights along the way through Whitevale.

Once home, I took it to the back of the yard and pushed my old burn pile around for half an hour and got used to the hydraulics and rear mounted blade.

Why buy a tractor you might ask? Well the real goal is snow removal. I have a long driveway and I hope this will make fast work of the winter snow. After last years dump, I swore that I would be prepared this year, and for the same amount as a walk behind snow blower, I got an entire tractor! Over kill I know, but fun none the less. and next winter when I get my truck stuck, I won't have to call a tow truck I HAVE A TRACTOR!

Tractor Man Out!

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