Sunday, October 25, 2009

First Tractor Repair, and First Implement

I guess when you buy a tractor built in 1944 you can expect the occasional problem.

The ignition switch failed and the battery is likely due for a replacement. Ken, the mechanic taught me a trick for bypassing the ignition switch so I was able to fire it up and could get a little work done. This week I'll get the replacement ignition installed.

Dad is buying a new tractor and offered to sell me his current blade so he could get a new one. I jumped at the chance because it's a good sized blade for my little Ford. Now I have the perfect blade for snow removal and it's easily adjustable as well. Made by Buhler of Manitoba it's a rock solid little blade called the Farm King 45.

If Santa delivers farm implements here is what I want under the Christmas tree (ha ha). It's called a Carry All and I found this one made in Australia that I like. There are numerous models from all over, but I like the mix of steel and wood on this one.

With a lift height equal to the box of a pickup it's just an awesome little tool for lifting anything heavy in or out of your pickup, or for just transporting stuff around the property like landscaping rock, debris, whatever.

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