Saturday, March 13, 2010

AJ's daily Twitter updates.

  • 10:29 Ok clothes have never excited me, I've also shopped for function and comfort. My first order from @scottevest rocked my world. Fantastic!
  • 10:31 I've got enough stuff in my first @scottestvest order that I am dedicating this weekend to wearing nothing but ScottEVest gear head to toe.
  • 10:36 This stomach flu is past the worst parts, I'm left today with the chills of a slight fever and a comlete lack of appetite.
  • 10:39 Kelly and Molly fly home tonight. Yipee! I miss them both terribly and just want a house full of people again.
  • 13:55 Wish I felt like getting outside or even into the shop for a bit. Instead it's laundry and video games for this flu boy...
  • 13:58 Daylight Savings this weekend. Spring forward tonight, so we lose an hour of sleep. I'm barely sleeping anyways these days.
  • 14:48 Just finished BioShock 2 for the second time . I'm not gonna play it again so Sly Dutchman wins on the achievements. He got about 4-5 more.
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