Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The case of the lost domain

So I own the domain 24bloom.com and for years it's where I hosted my own web page and then eventually this blog. A few weeks ago I typed 24bloom.com into my browser and got an error that the site didn't exist?

After some searching around I discovered that the registrar for my domain SearchBC.com has gone out of business, my domain was then magically transferred to somebody called JetHost.ca, they then magically went out of business or something and then my domain ended up with TUCOWS?

After some emailing and confusion I finally tracked down the registrar of lost domains, they created an account that I could login into and once again control some ownership of my domain. Since I didn't want this happening again I found another (much larger and reliable) Canadian registrar WebNames.ca and moved my domain business to them.

Today is the first day in months where 24bloom.com is back online and linking to this blog.

There is a Santa Claus !!!

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Mark Vejvoda said...

Help I have 2 domains registered with searchbc or jethost or who knows and they expire in a month. Where do I go to get things back in order?