Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spartacus - An End to the Beginning

Fans of the first season of Spartacus on the Starz network know that they couldn't continue filming the second season as the star was ill and getting treatment for cancer. Due to the instant success though of the first season they wanted to do something to keep the interest going and profit from their new found fame.

I was pleased when they announced they would create a prequel season. A season full of new episodes set in the months or years prior to the arrival of Spartacus. This idea was really creative, they could proceed without the star who was ill, and they could use all the other primary actors (many of whom who's characters died throughout the first season) all over again.

Well Spartacus - Gods of the Arena, has just ended it's six episode run Friday night and I am pleased. Pleased with the stories, the acting, the new characters, the visual effects, everything except one... the amount of episodes.

What is with the six episode series? If you hooked a computer to the brains of the viewing audience I'm sure you would discover that six episodes leaves us all with a small amount of satisfaction, but a larger amount of regret. Simply put, I want more!

The Walking Dead did the same thing, just as I was really settling into the story and the character development you end it. Bang... door closed and some press release stating that the next new episodes will air sometime in 12-18 months!

I watch a lot of TV from the UK and short run series of 6-8 episodes are more common there, but they come back much sooner as well, you don't have to wait over a year for your show to come back on the air, maybe it's only a break of 3-6 months and another series is back with another six-pack of episodes.

Anyhow, if this is all I can complain about I guess they did a great job once again.

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