Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ham Radio Classes Begin

My grandfather got me into Ham Radio as a kid. For a few years in grades six and seven I had a radio and listened to HF bands without a license or a microphone. Listening to amateur and shortwave bands is legal, but if you want to talk on the airwaves you need a license.

Fast forward to over 30 years later and I'm finally starting the classes to get my first amateur radio license. The "Basic" qualification in Canada is the starting point. I'm taking an 8-9 week course with the Salmon Arm amateur radio club and it's going to be a bit of an effort with the long commute two nights per week, I'll be spending more time driving back and forth then in a class, but I'm really excited and feel it's well worth the time invested.

The Basic license is issued if you pass the final test with 70% or higher. The Basic with Honors license comes with a grade higher than 80%. Passing with Honors is important because it comes with the right to broadcast on a bunch of additional HF frequencies.

Wish me luck! I'll hopefully have more updates as the classes progress. 


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