Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ham Shack Update

Wow, it's been a busy week in the realm of amateur radio for VA7AEJ (me). Licensed less than 90 days and it just keeps getting better.

Saturday - G5RV antenna installation
Sunday - First 20m HF contacts with Mexico and then the Minnesota QSO party.
Monday - First 80m contact with the BC Public Service Net
Tuesday - HF scanning and contacts, antenna tuning practice
Wednesday - HF scanning and contacts, antenna tuning practice
Thursday - Local club monthly meeting and coffee
Friday - Purchased/gifted (thanks Dad!) complete Yaesu rig from VA7PRS, built ham shack desk in my office, installed new gear
Saturday (today) - Local club breakfast and 20m contact with North Dakota QSO party.

Not a bad week I figure. I've met so many new people the names and callsigns are twirling around in my head.

Additional bench space (unpainted) was added onto the original that wraps around two other walls in the room (yellow)

Yaesu FT-847 and FC-20 (top)  --  Kenwood TS-120S and MFJ-948 (bottom)
PC, handhelds, quick chargers, license certificate, soldering iron

Molly's latest art work for the cork board on the wall

So the new bench needs to be painted to match the rest of the bench that wraps around the room and I have some ideas for a few shelves above the new desk for books, manuals, boxes, storage etc.

The new wall behind the new section of bench is turning out exactly as I planned. The grounding system under the desk is working very well and once the shelves are made and hung up the majority of the carpentry is finished. I've punched a few new holes through the cable pathway in the wall and put up a quick 2m antenna for the FT-847.

I'll need to wait a little longer before it's safe to get up on my roof and then the antenna plans will really ramp up. Horizontal loop for HF, and likely separate verticals for 6m, 2m, and 440. Currently all that is dreaming, but sometimes dreams come true.

I'll also need to put up some white vinyl siding on the exterior to cover up the new section of wall and get it matching the existing siding. My wife is wandering around that side of the house this time of year but once it's planting and yard season, she'll want that taken care of  :)



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