Friday, September 30, 2016

KX3 Assembled and Operational

My Elecraft KX3 is built and ready.

I wasn't feeling well this week so I did the work over a few evenings, which was easy to do when you assemble the kit one half at a time. Total it was probably a little over 2 hours from start to finish building it and I would guess I also spent about that much time reading the two manuals (assembly and operations). So all told about 4 hours work between Tuesday and Friday.

I hope if I'm feeling better this weekend I'll get a chance to play with it for a few hours and test out the aftermarket heat sink while doing some digital mode QSO's.

So far my first impressions are that it's smaller than I expected but has more features, both of which make me very happy.

There are a few more official accessories that I would like to add, but I'll need to save some money or put a few of them on my Christmas list for Santa.


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