Saturday, November 17, 2018

2M-CD -- Amateur VHF Circular Dipole Antenna

Saw this item advertised on the Amateur Radio Swap Canada Facebook group. The creator is Canadian based out of Lakeshore Ontario. 

VHF Loop - Very Small Transmitting Loops -

His first product was a magnetic loop for 6m which has recently been updated to add a standard tripod mount at the base and different configuration of the teflon tuning screws. Good deal for 6m enthusiasts at $120 US.

His second product that he just launched is what caught my eye, an indoor bookshelf 2m circular dipole that doesn't require a ground plain.

Sellers description

Here is a 2 meter 144-148 MHz circular folded dipole, capable of 100 watts, which is a very compact antenna, requiring no ground plane, small foot print and ideal as a “bookshelf” indoor antenna for those who are restricted in their ability to put an antenna outdoors, or who want to remain stealth. 

I'm really looking forward to trying it out.

More pictures from his website of the antenna.

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Jim Erickson said...

Did you get to try this antenna? I'm curious of you experience and whether you've used it as an outdoor antenna also?