Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Molly's dance recital #3

Molly's Oma has Molly on Sunday nights and Mondays, and has generously signed Molly up for some local kids programs on Monday afternoons for the last few years. In the summer it's been sports for little kids and in the colder months it's been dance classes.

Molly just finished her third session of dance classes and each session always ends in a little dance recital. This time around Kelly and I couldn't make it, but Oma grabbed the video camera and shot the 30 minute adventure in free dance for our viewing pleasure.

Last night before slipping off to sleep Kelly and I watched the DVD and laughed our butts off. Anytime you get a group of 5-6 little people in dance outfits bouncing around to music there is a lot to laugh about. Here are a few of the most memorable moments.
  • Little boy who just wanders off whenever he feels like it
  • Little girl who kept turning to her mom in the audience and yelling "take a picture of me!"
  • Normally laid back dance instructor who's trying to keep a smile on her face as she keeps loosing control of the kids.
  • Molly's free dance moments with the ballerina twirls and hops.
  • And finally, Molly stopping and posing for photo-ops whenever she felt someone might be taking a picture of her.
Needless to say it was a joy to watch and I'm sure our laughing almost woke up the rest of teh house.

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