Monday, April 20, 2009

My First Dell

You would think that after about 20 years of computing I would have owned a Dell before now. Well I'm starting to think I should have waited a little longer.

About a month ago I got excited about ordering a netbook. The Dell Mini 9 was the lone netbook on the market that had a few of my "must have" features so I decided to bite the bullet and order my first Dell.

I would love to rant and go into a long funny story of everthing that has happened since that fateful day, but instead I'll keep it short form.
  • Ordered a Dell Mini 9 tweaked for my purposes including a carrying case.
  • Got notice the next day that my order had shipped.
  • One week later my package arrived, it contained the carrying case?
  • After much digging around their website and clicking on every link related to my order I discovered the order had been broken into two shipments. The case shipped the day after the order was placed and the actual netbook would ship in 3-4 weeks.
  • One month later the 2nd Dell package with the custom built netbook arrived. I plugged it in and turned it on and heard two beeps. Nothing else, just two beeps.
  • 30 minute tech call to India and I've confirmed the memory is bad. A replacement chip will ship overnight. To my salvation I happen to have an older 512mb memory chip from another laptop so I can actually start playing with the netbook, however it's slow.
  • Next day the new 2GB memory chip arrived, it's faulty.
  • 40 minutes on the phone with India and they will ship another memory chip.
  • A weekend of waiting and the next box from Dell arrives and I open it up. It's empty... no memory chip in the box!!!!!
  • 30 minute tech call with India and they agree to attempt a 3rd shipment of a replacement memory chip. To prove the box is empty I need to send them a digital photo of the box?

Tune in tomorrow for the continuing saga of "Aaren Versus Dell"

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Aaren Jensen said...

Update - Since replacing the RAM the NetBook ran for a few more weeks and then the Solid State Drive died as well. Dell has lost money on my purchase with all the replacement parts, service calls, and shipping costs incurred.