Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sad Family News

Kelly's dad, Pat Heaney passed away Friday morning at the Vernon Jubilee Hospital. Pat had been battling lung cancer for almost a year and a half and had gone into the hospital the previous morning with a fever and a low white blood cell count.

His doctor was preparing his release papers Friday morning and Pat had already gotten up and shaved and dressed to go home. A nurse entered the room a few minutes later and he had passed on. It was a shock for everyone. We have been through many ups and downs related to his illness and everyone thought this was just another bump in the road.

Pat was a very well known person. With family, friends, and people met through his faith and professional life he was popular and liked by everyone. His funeral service will be held at the St. James Catholic church in Vernon this Wednesday at 11am.

Kelly and I have been with her family as much as possible over the last few days and will continue to do so for the rest of this week. Molly has taken the news well and has spent some time with us and the rest with my parents (a gesture we both have been very thankful for).

We miss you Pat, but there has been a lot of laughter as we reminisce about your time spent with us.

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