Monday, May 11, 2009

Kelly's Surgery

For those of you who are "out of the loop" Kelly has been waiting five years for a surgery to eliminate back, neck, and shoulder pain. The surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon and reduces some weight off of her chest. Those hints should be enough to make your own educated guess.

We went to Kamloops last week for the surgery and here are some pictures of the event. Kelly is home for the next two weeks recovering and healing.

The first waiting room. Time to put on the headphones and watch a movie.

The second waiting area complete with the backless gown.
Is my ass showing?

"Ok Kelly... the surgeon is ready for you now"

Post-Op - the recovery room is good!

We've been back home since Friday and Kelly is doing great. She is very pleased with the look and feel and her pain is less than she expected (thanks pharmaceuticals). She is trying to keep moving around and help the healing process. Today she went shopping for a few new tank tops, it seems her old ones don't fit as well anymore. :)

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Anonymous said...


I decided to do a little surfing tonight and checked out 24 bloom - it's been a while.
Wow! you guy's have a lot of info on here. I love the pictures of Kelly pre and post surgery.
talk to you soon.
Love Karon