Sunday, July 05, 2009

A week of holidays comes to an end...

Today is Sunday and a week of holidays is coming to an end. It's been hard work but we got a lot accomplished, and took care of some fun as well.

On the work side I installed a solid wood overhead garage door in the back of the shop and did LOTS of landscaping and clean-up back there so more walls and fence can be built. I want to close it all in and be finishing the interior walls this fall. By snow fall I should have some carpentry projects underway in the newly completed space.

On the fun side I spend the last few days gaming with Dave and we covered some solid ground. Just a few minutes ago we finished Gears of War 2 on Insane difficulty. It took lots of concentration and swearing to get past some of the fights but the satisfaction of earning all the gamer score at completion was worth it. I finally passed 19,000 after being stalled on gamer score for months!

I'm puttering away at Fallout 3 again and plan to finish finding all the Bobbleheads in the next few days as well.
Molly spent the week with her aunt Karon and cousin Rachel at Vasauex Lake with friends of their family from England. Molly had two little British girls to play with and it sounds like she had a blast. Kelly and her mom Darlene joined them at the lake mid-week after Kelly was able to get a few days of work under her belt. YES, Kelly is feeling better, healing better, and just taking it easy and letting the healing happen without over-doing it (a bad habit she has the moment she feels just a little bit better).So here we are, halfway through Sunday already, and the entire household is getting back to normal tomorrow.
  • Aaren and Kelly head back to work.
  • Molly is back on her regular schedule of Oma's, Nana's, daycare, and some fun summer programs.
  • Jill is also back to the summer day progam and catching rides to Vernon with Kelly each day, so she doesn't have to ride the bus (she hates the bus)
As we enter July we have a blitz of a month with family visits, company picnics, hot hot weather, and continued construction on the shop.

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