Sunday, January 15, 2012

VA7AEJ joins Echolink

Welcome to EchoLink! Your callsign (VA7AEJ) was recently validated. Your EchoLink Node Number is 663980.
And it's with that email confirmation that I joined another part of the ham radio universe. I downloaded the software for Windows 64bit and the app for Android. Within minutes I was connecting to nodes and conferences and listening to QSO's. I didn't have a headset and mic connected to my PC yet so I just listened, but the best conversation I heard was a conference from Ireland where two Irish gentlemen were chatting with an American trucker while he was driving down the road. This is just so cool, I'm sitting at my computer in Canada, listening to two guys from Ireland talking on their radios with a third guy in the US driving down the highway operating on his mobile rig. It was just this seamless combination of amateur radio, VHF repeaters, VOIP, software, and the Internet.

As the validation email said "welcome to EchoLink".

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