Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ham Shack Upgrade Diary #1 - The Tower

It all started with an ad in the local ham clubs Swap and Shop. A local ham was moving and I purchased his old 40' crank-up tower, triband antenna, and a milk crate with two old rotators and 1/2 of a controller (it was in pieces).
Panorama of the freshly painted TriEx 237 crank-up tower
After I sprayed a couple fresh coats of paint on the tower I let it cure in the back yard behind the workshop for a week. Weather was horrible (heavy rain) so it took some extra time to firm up.

Finally on a sunny day I grabbed my neighbor Gerald and we put up the tower. My house is two stories tall so the edge of the roof is just over 18 feet from the concrete pad below.
Thick rubber strip supplied by Gerald was used between the top edge of the roof and the new tower

Towers Up!
You can see from the hole in my siding that I removed an old patio door and framed it in. On the inside of my house this is the location of my Ham Shack desk. I built a cable pathway in the lower center of the new wall. The majority of the wall has traditional insulation but in the cable pathway it's solid foam insulation with removable plywood covers on the inside and outside. My intention was that as needed I could drill though the pathway and pass cables easily. After a few years if it's riddled with holes or I want to start again all I need to do is replace the plywood covers and the solid foam and it's all fresh again. 

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