Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ham Shack Upgrade Diary #4 - The Bench and Shelves

I have a yellow workbench/desk that I built years ago that wraps around two walls in my home office. When I decided to setup a ham shack I took out an old drafty patio door that I never used and framed in a wall where the door used to be. I then extended the workbench/desk around that corner of the room and extended it past the new wall.

Now I had bench that wrapped around 3 sides of the room and new ham shack section that I built a few months ago needed to be taken back outside and painted to match the rest of the finished bench.

The weather had finally gotten hot and dry enough and the propagation was miserable so I decided now was my chance.

Between coats of yellow paint I went out to the shop and finished the shelve that I had started for above the bench. Once it was completed I stained it as well.

After both the desk and shelf were dry I moved them into the house and got them bolted into place.

After another day to dry I finally got the shack all setup again last night and was back on the regional 80m net.

The finished upgrade project

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